Why sign with a Realtor?

Why sign with a Realtor?

 Why should I sign with a real estate agent if I'm a Buyer?

1) It’s the law! Connecticut law requires a real estate agent to enter into a Buyer Representation Agreement with a buyer before showing that buyer a property that is listed through their Brokerage or another Brokerage.

2) Your Agent works for you and protects your interest! The Agent’s responsibilities to the buyer are:
     - Confidentiality
     - Accounting
     - Undivided Loyalty
     - Obedience
     - Diligence
     - Disclosure

These fiduciary duties are owed exclusively to the Buyer – NOT the Seller.

Before the law went into effect, all Real Estate agents worked for the Seller. Even if your agent was showing you houses, they still were working for the seller. Seems crazy, right? Well now you have the right to be protected, but what's even crazier is not taking advantage of that right and jumping from agent to agent.

What if you don’t want to be represented?

I’d have to ask “why wouldn’t you want someone looking out for you”? But if you don’t want representation then you can sign a “Unrepresented Persons Disclosure”. This form can ONLY be used when seeing a property that is listed through that Brokerage. This can NOT be used to see properties that are listed through another Brokerage. It is not a contract. It is a form letting you know that the Broker represents the Seller and NOT you, the Buyer.

What will a Buyers’ Agent do for me?

     - Arranges property showings
      - Provides information that the buyer request about the property, such as tax information,             utilities, zoning or refers the buyer to the appropriate information source.
     - Discloses any material facts about the property of which the agent has knowledge.
     - Prepares a market analysis of the property a buyer wants to make an offer on.
     - Counsels the buyer on what price to offer.
     - Shows what other buyers have paid for property in that area.
     - Assist in writing an offer with the interest of the buyer in mind.
     - Negotiates the best terms and price for the buyer.
     - Keep price capabilities and objectives of the buyer confidential.
     - Assist with the loan application.
     - Monitors all dates and deadlines required for the buyer.
     - Attends the walk though and closing.

Although the Seller’s agent may seem very nice, just remember they represent the Seller not you. It is always in your best interest to be represented and have some looking out for you.


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